Sharkey’s Big Bocce Build

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the possibility of moving to a new field and I feel an explanation is in order. So here it is, complete with pictures!


Last year we played at Onondaga Lake Park which had a lot of space and parking, but also a lot of geese. This year we have an opportunity to improve our situation thanks to Sharkey’s buying some extra land and working to make it favorable for bocce.

I asked to get their trademark boat turned into a bocce bar but that involves amending their liquor license so we might have to wait for this to happen.Read More »

10th anniversary party/Move at the Palace Theater

National Lampoon’s Blackball is the the true story of a bocce player who earned the longest ban in English sports history. It’s an absolute MUST SEE  if you play Turbo Bocce, or even if you think joining a bocce league sounds fun.

The time is Tuesday May 6th, and the cost is only $3!

There will be food, drinks, prizes, and even bocce so you can watch the move and then play the game!

Doors open at 5:30pm for food, drinks, and games.  Movie starts at 7:00pm.

Location, Palace Theater 2384 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13206.

Important Information About TURBO BOCCE for those who are New and Interested in Playing

Turbo Bocce holds games every Tuesday during the summer.

The season starts Tuesday May 27th

There is a preseason/practice week on Tuesday May 20th that you can participate in without committing to anything to see if its right for you.

Your game will take about an hour, and can be played any time after 5pm. To keep our league convenient to play in and limit wait time there are no set schedules. You simply show up whenever is most convenient for you and play the next available team you have not already played against. There are always games available for everybody.

A team consists of two players so bring … Read More »

Top 10 Turbo Bocce Memories

There has never been a more exciting time to play bocce in Syracuse! Turbo Bocce is heading into its tenth season, and we are bigger and better than ever.

Due to our humble beginnings, not too many people remember what the league was like when it first started in 2005, and that is a shame because while we were building Turbo Bocce into the league you know today, we were also having a lot of fun and creating a lot of memories.

So, in honor of Turbo Bocce’s tenth anniversary, I am putting together a few top ten lists, starting with the top ten Turbo Bocce memories … Read More »