Turbo Bocce/Syracuse Silver Knights Bocce Tournament

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Details are starting to trickle out on the Turbo Bocce/Syracuse Silver Knights bocce collaboration.  The big news is . . . you can play bocce under the lights in the War Memorial, then be honored at half time of a Syracuse Silver Knights soccer game for your greatness!

Some of the other details:

There will actually be two tournaments, a warm up/lead up to the big War Memorial tournament on Saturady October 18th at the CNY Family Sport Centre – 7201 Jones Road. This will also be an indoor tournament on the turf.

It will have

- 2 person teams

- Food and Drinks available

-Movie Screen playing the best college football games of the … Read More »

Black Jesus are Turbo Bocce Champions!


The Bracket and the Vegas Odds for the Final!

Playoffs Final

You know the routine by now. The latest bracket is above. The Vegas odds are below, and at the bottom is my own personal analysis . . . actually since its the finals we should do something special. Instead of my personal analysis lets do even more Vegas odds!


Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory

1 – Black Jesus – 80
16 – Amerika’z Least Wanted – 20

24 – Blue Balls – 48
40 – Let the Big Dogs Eat – 52

Analysis – The Vegas odds above show each team’s chance of winning their next game. In this space I am going to give you Vegas’ predictions on who wins the … Read More »

Playoff Day 2 Recap

The first thing that stood out to me when I looked over the score cards was how many really close games there were. With the exception of a few two game sweeps, every game went right down to the wire. Inches (and in one case 1/16th of an inch) separated victory from defeat.

If you want a quick preview of how the day went, I’ll say this, you did not want to be one of the top three seeds, but of course the games themselves are far more compelling than anything else I might say, so lets get to the recaps.

We will start with the top seed’s game and go from there.

1 seed Black Jesus vs. 32 seed Big LeBocce

Vegas gave … Read More »