So . . . You’ve Decided To Play Bocce

Important information for both bocce veterans and newcomers.

Bocce Basics . . . Skip this section if you played Turbo Bocce before.

If you don’t know anything about bocce at all, watch this video . . . if you know how to play bocce don’t bother.

Now that you know what basic bocce ball is, you can learn about what makes Turbo Bocce so special.

Turbo Bocce is unique in a lot of ways, but the four most important ways are, (1) the starting box, (2) the turbo round, (3) individual statistics, (4) the bounty stystem:

(1) Everybody stands on a mat, or a “starting box” when they throw. When you win the point you get to choose where to place the mat and where … Read More »

The Bounty System Explained

Turbo Bocce is a lot of fun, but a few years back we decided it would be even more fun if we gave away fabulous prizes every week . . . so we did . . . and we still do.


You are eligible to win a prize every time you show up to play bocce (even if you just won a prize the week before).

Here’s how it works. Every game has a scorecard and every scorecard has a number. At some point during bocce a number will be generated at random through the magic of smart phone apps, and if that number matches the number of your scorecard and you win … Read More »

Rain Policy


Our rain policy is: she show always goes on. No matter what the weather we get together. We’ve played in thunder, we’ve played in lightning, and once last year we played during a tornado.

If playing in the rain is not your cup of tea, don’t worry, we do it for the die-hards. You never have to show up on an any particular day.

We have two make-up weeks built into our schedule, so if you miss two weeks during the season (for rain or for anything else) you’re right on schedule. If you miss more than two weeks you can either play more than one game in a night to catch … Read More »

Bocce Calendar

Learn when and were bocce ball is being played this summer!


Turbo Bocce Preseason/Practice weeks – This is a great way for those new to bocce to try our league out free of charge and commitment.  Its a great way to learn how to play Turbo Bocce, and its also a great way for Turbo Bocce veterans to get a little practice in before the season starts.

Monday May 18th at Onondaga Park in Strathmore  5pm to dark, show up anytime.

Tuesday May 19th at Sharkey’s Bar & Grill in Liverpool, 5pm to dark, show up anytime.

Wednesday May 20th at Sharkey’s Bar & Grill in Liverpool, 5pm to dark, show up anytime.


If you decide that you like Turbo Bocce and want to join … Read More »