Playoff First Round Recap

After a rainy year the playoffs kick-started on a warm sunshiny day. So I will take that as a good sign.

This year’s official Turbo Bocce shirts came in and were distributed, and our regular season medal winners were awarded.

But all the real drama happened on the bocce field where teams played in best of three do-or-die series with the season on the line.

Lets break the games down one by one.

32 seed Big LeBocce vs. 33 seed Beauty and the Beast

Vegas gave each team a 50% chance of victory, but what they did not take into account was Big LeBocce’s history of playing better in the playoffs than they do in the regular season. In this case history repeated itself. Big … Read More »

Playoff Bracket

This is hopefully an easily readable version of the bracket.  I made a nice one of Excel but can’t quite get it to convert perfectly to the website.  Still, if you “right click” on the bracket and select “view image” then you should get a readable version of what our playoff bracket looks like.




Second Make Up Week Recap

The regular season is officially over. The State Fair is about to start up. Where did the summer go? May 27th seems somehow both a million years ago, and just yesterday to me, but I don’t want to get too sentimental, the summer is not over so long as bocce is still going, and we still have an exciting playoff coming up!IMG_1242


Still, I want to rubber stamp the regular season in style. Somebody has to, because Mother Nature was not cooperating. It rained pretty much the entire time we played our second make up week – sometimes quite hard – but that just means that the adventuresome bocce players who showed … Read More »

Statistical Breakdown

Regular Season (Team) -

The top 6 teams got bye’s in the playoffs, here are the teams that earned those bye’s, in order:

1. Black Jesus
2. Easy Duz It
3. Breakfast of Champions
4. Whipple & John
5. Flailing Weasels
6. Ball & Chain

As you can see, Turbo Bocce’s regular season champions are Black Jesus. They had a BCS of 2.230, which is quite a lead over the second place BCS score of 2.084. The second place team needed to lose three fewer times than they did to top Black Jesus . . . or subtract 75% of Black Jesus’ loss total for the year from their record!

The team that played the toughest schedule was Puzzles, followed by the Bocce Babes who were just one one-thousandth … Read More »