Turbo Bocce Spotlight: Melissa Sotelo

Melissa Sotelo was born in Syracuse New New York in the year 4,300 . . . yes you read that correctly.

Melissa is from the future, and not an ordinary person from the future, a true heroine. The movie Barbarella was actually written about her, but most of the details in it are wrong because the director was not awesome enough to capture the full awesomeness of Melissa’s life. Here is the trailer from Barbarella for those unfamiliar with it.

The director did get one detail right, by depicting Melissa saving the world from a mad scientist who invented a device that causes people to orgasm themselves to death.

The world wasn’t quite sure if they appreciated being saved from this particular device. … Read More »

Annual 1 vs. 1 Tournament Details

You know you want to be part of the triple crown club!

Turbo Bocce’s annual 1 on 1 tournament is coming up August 1st.  Here are the details:

– The tourney will start at 10 am

– It will be double elimination

– There will be free food and free beer for everybody who plays!

– There will be a cash prize for the winner (the size of the prize will depend on how many people play).

– The cost to play is $20

– The Tournament will be held at the Cold Springs area of Onondaga Lake Park – right next to the Wegman’s Good Dog Park – 49 Cold Springs Trail, Liverpool, NY 13090.

– This tournament … Read More »

Wednesday Make-Up Week #1 Recap

A week of rain and flooding, and beautiful sunny day of bocce. That’s how we roll!

wed m 1

Lots of information to cover, so lets get right to it.

Mayhem & Deboccery played Experienced Ball Handlers in what turned to to be a closely contested match. Experienced Ball Handlers showed their experience by winning a close first game 11-9. In the second game Mayhem & Deboccery bounced back to win 11-5. Then Experienced Ball Handlers won the day with an 11-4 final game win.

Another close game was played between The Rookies and Jay & Silent Botch. After getting blown out the first game 11-3, the Rookies started to get the best of things. … Read More »

Save The Date!


The second annual Turbo Bocce 1 vs. 1 Tournament is coming up August 1st.

You know how American Pharoah won the triple crown this year and it was a super big deal?  Well Turbo Bocce also has a triple crown.  Ours is similar to the horse racing triple crown in that they are both difficult to win, but different than the horse racing triple crown because we drink a lot more beer (and unfortunately have fewer jockeys).

To win the Turbo Bocce triple crown you have to win:

– Our one-on-one tournament which will take place Saturday August 1st.

– The Turbo Bocce championship (you are all already playing for), which will be a three … Read More »