The weather report that I trust the most says we are in for horrible weather tonight (basically thunderstorms, high wind and hail from 4pm to Midnight – I took a pic).  I checked with other weather forecasts and they confirm.

I don’t want to force anybody to come out in that kind of weather with the season on the line, so for the first time in bocce history  I am canceling due to weather.

All games are going to be rescheduled for Saturday at 10.  Please show up on time because we are going to have a lot of games to get … Read More »

2 Testies & a Microphone win Wednesday League Championship

Full Story coming.

End of Season Information

Key Dates:

8/4 – Wednesday League Bracket Release Party

8/13 – Tuesday Bracket Release Party

8/19 – Wednesday championship, award ceremony, and end of the year party!

8/26 – Tuesday championship, award ceremony, and end of the year party!


Our regular season is coming to an end with final “make up” weeks to play any regular season games you have missed on 8/2 for Wednesday League and 8/8 for Tuesday League. It will be the final day to play regular season games, after that any games you have not played (you should have 30 total games played by the end) will be forfeits.  Everybody does, however, make the playoffs.

I am thinking about scheduling a second make up week this Saturday the 29th at 11 am. … Read More »

1 on 1 Tournament Recap

1 on 1 Tourament Episode IV (A New Hope)

There are two reasons I chose this goofy title. Because its our fourth annual 1 on 1 tournament, and because my wife loves Star Wars and she helped me build a wheel of death for the situation.

What does a wheel of death have to do with a bocce tournament, you might ask? The short answer is, it wasn’t part of the tournament exactly, it helped us fill out the brackets, and you can watch that all here if you want.

1 on 1 bracket live draw

Posted by Turbo Bocce on Friday, July 14, 2017

After the preliminaries on Friday, we settled the first leg … Read More »