The Story of Turbo Bocce’s Creation (in 4 parts)

In anticipation of the tournament we have coming up Saturday October 17th, at the site of Turbo Bocce’s first ever championship, I want to chronicle the early days of Turbo Bocce, and the people who invented it.

To start, I’ll tell you a little bit about the people who invented Turbo Bocce and what we did before we had bocce to occupy us. I’m going to title it:

Follow your Heart

What attitudes do you associate with playing Turbo Bocce? A competitive spirit, certainly. Passion – probably too much passion (even for something as stupid as a bocce league). A willingness to embrace new experiences and new ideas. A general sense of giddiness and excitement. Can we forget the drinking? Lets face … Read More »

Player Spotlight: Julie Gilbert

On the heels of Allen LaVenture winning Syracuse Volunteer of the Year, we have an article in the Post Standard celebrating Julie Gilbert, and the wonderful work she does feeding the hungry of Syracuse.

I could go on and on about the great work Julie does at the Samaritan Center, but its probably best to hear her own words, which are far more eloquent than mine.

The rest of the article can be found here:

I’m proud to say we have some great people in our league.  Next time you see Julie make sure to say hi, and thank her for all she does for our community.

#TBT: Throw Back Tourney

Saturday October 17th at 11am we will be playing a tournament at the place where it all started – Upper Onondaga Park, Strathmore – the site of Turbo Bocce’s first ever championship.


This will be a 2 on 2 tournament.  Double elimination.  The cost to play will be $10, and cover a prize for the winner and some food/beer at Swallows after.  It will be BYOB during the actual tournament.

I think this might be a great place to try out a few proposed rules for future seasons and see how they go, so if you’ve wanted Turbo Bocce to make any changes let me know and I might be able to incorporate … Read More »

Triple Crown Standings


The three triple crown tournaments are the Best Bocce Player In Syracuse tournament (1 on 1). the Turbo Bocce Championship (2 on 2), and the Italian Fest (4 on 4).

To win the triple crown you have to win all three events.  Spoiler alert, nobody did that this year, but we can still determine the overall standings for all three events.

The way we do it is, you receive three points for winning a tournament, two points for finishing in second place, and one point for finishing in third.

Here are the standings:

Best Bocce Player In Syracuse:

Greg Griffo – 3 points
Bryan Mullane – 2 points
Phil Martino – 1 point

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