Possible Rule Changes

We had a great informational meeting last night, with all kinds of fun events planned, and also some rule changes discussed.

Here are the potential rule changes, please leave any thoughts/concerns in the comments section.

Playoff substitutions – If your partner can’t play in a playoff game you don’t have to forfeit, but you won’t be allowed to bring in your own hand-chosen ringer either.  From now on the league will have 3 or 4 players available and on hand to be used as substitutes during the playoffs, and your team will be assigned a substitute player at random on the day … Read More »

Tuesday League Champions!

Droppin Balls – Colin Donahoe & Mike Aylesworth – Turbo Bocce Champions!

Wednesday League Champions!

Uncle Jun’s In the Muff – Greg Griffo & John Bauman

Championship Vegas Odds!

Who reached the Turbo Bocce championship? Here are the updated brackets, complete with Vegas Odds! As always the Vegas Odds come from a formula that an actual Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games which we have all the statistical inputs necessary to compute.

1 seed Uncle Jun’s in the Muff vs 5 seed Blue Ballz … And Vegas Says … Uncle Jun’s in the Muff have a 90% chance of victory. Spoiler Alert … Vegas is ridiculously high on Uncle Jun’s in the Muff. To a level I haven’t seen before.

*3 seed Glory Rollers vs 6 seed Draggin Ballz … And Vegas Says … … Read More »