Week 6 Recap

At 6 o’clock B.R. (before rain) the sun was shining and as you can see below, everything was fine and dandy in the Turbo Bocce universe. Notice the sun glasses . . . evidence that the sun was actually out at one point.

Week 5 Recap

Week 5 was a hot sunny day, the perfect kind of day to enjoy the waterfront property we are lucky enough to have. And isn’t it seeming more and more like the only place you can go avoid rain this summer is bocce?

Week 4 Recap

We had a rainy Tuesday as has been the norm of late, but from five to nine (coincidentally the exact time we are playing bocce) the sun came out and it got warm enough for us to really enjoy the breeze blowing off the lake.

Syracuse Bocce Blast Recap

Saturday June 22nd was a hot and sunny day. The perfect day for a bocce ball tournament.