Week 4 Recap

We had a rainy Tuesday as has been the norm of late, but from five to nine (coincidentally the exact time we are playing bocce) the sun came out and it got warm enough for us to really enjoy the breeze blowing off the lake.

Syracuse Bocce Blast Recap

Saturday June 22nd was a hot and sunny day. The perfect day for a bocce ball tournament.

Explaining the George Christou Award

Although he has made it a habit to show up to bocce on Tuesdays, George Christou is not playing this year due to the fact that he is recovering form surgery. This is the first year that Turbo Bocce has ever been without him.

Week 3 Recap

It looks like we are finally getting some of our old mojo back where the whether is concerned. It rained all day on Tuesday, until bocce time, when the skies cleared and the sun came out. This is the kind of thing that veteran Turbo Bocce members are used to, and I must say its nice to see things getting back to normal.