Week 2 Recap

The sun came out for week two, so I guess my human sacrifice worked.

And all the bocce players got to show off for a special guest.

Casey, an SU journalism student decided to make a documentary about the Turbo Bocce league. The best part . . . she is going to send us all the video once she is done. I can’t wait to see it!

The Bounty team was originally set to be 2 Balls On Your Ace but Donna and Scott got to the field … Read More »

Week 1 Recap

The bocce season started with some rain and some cold weather, but a lot of enthusiasm. Just look at all the enthusiasm in the picture below!

Turbo Bocce Continues To Get Noticed

Check out the article Syracuse.com did about us HERE.

Spoiler alert, the title is, GET OUT: Bust some balls at Turbo Bocce tonight

I think that works.

Turbo Bocce’s Free Agent Day

If you are familiar with college sports at all, you know that coaches can scout and recruit potential players all year, but those players can only officially agree to play for that coach on a single day – appropriately called signing day.

Its much the same with bocce. You see a guy play, spend all winter convincing him that you would be perfect teammates, but nothing is official until that first preseason week – Turbo Bocce’s signing day.