Check It Out! People Are Noticing Turbo Bocce

If you have never read the blog 365 Things Syracuse, you should. There is something amazing to do in Syracuse listed each and every day – and you know they are smart, because they mentioned us! Quite a nice shout-out for the league.

Check it out, and all the other good stuff they have at

Turbo Bocce’s First Cinderella Story

How our league is more welcoming and more fun for newbies than ever before.

The Bounty System Explained

A better title might be: How Turbo Bocce makes you money!

Turbo Bocce on the Radio!

Listen to 97.7 FM today between 3 and 6pm and you will hear some stuff about our bocce league!  Upon Further Review is excited to start covering us.

Click the link for a preview spot.  Its a rough draft, but you veteran Turbo Bocce members may remember the opening music.

Turbo Bocce 15