Save the date, September 8

We are going to play our playoffs in 3 rounds. After the 10th regular season week, plus one make up week, the round of 32 will be played on a Tuesday as usual. The round of 16 will also be played on a Tuesday as usual.

However the elite 8 are all going to play at the same time on the same date – Saturday, September 8th – in an all day tournament that will crown a champion.

I know not everybody can make it on September 8th, but that seems to be the day when the most people can make it. If you make it to the elite 8 … Read More »

Week 3 Recap

I think we all know the drill by now. Every Tuesday it rains all day long. Then the sun comes out just in time for bocce, and somehow our field is bone dry. Same old same old.

Just a quick note. The stats we have up are current, there was just not a separate update for them. If you click on the Week 2 stats, it will show everything up through Week 3.

In on the field news, Omnipotence keeps the league lead in B.C.S. Rankings (out of the teams who have played all their games) but their lead shrinks as 2012 Bocce Champions (yes, that’s a team name) take the win/loss lead … Read More »

2 Kegs

Tomorrow marks a new beginning in bocce history. For the very first time we will have not one, but two kegs of beer. That’s right, we’ve gone through the looking glass and everything on the other side is doubled.

So put on some 2 Pac music, learn the two step, and make sweet love to the Doublemint Twins because we are celebrating two kegs on Tuesday!

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 was perhaps the largest attended bocce week ever – about 70 participating members. With that many people, obviously bocce ball sets needed to be shared, and some people had to be patient. Turbo Bocce thanks all those patient people and is happy to announce that some of the money the league has generated will go towards buying more bocce ball sets for next week.

We also intend to have more beer and pizza available. One promise Turbo Bocce always makes is if you continue to show up we will continue providing!

Onto the “on field” play. The highlight of the day was a match up between number 1 ranked Omnipotence and number 2 ranked Black … Read More »