Rules of Turbo Bocce

Because knowledge is power!

Bocce Team Names

Looking for a team name?  We have some suggestions.

An innocent (kind of) New Year

Hello bocce world!  Paul here.  I’m going to have Rob – one of our prospective bocce members – write an account of everything that happens to him at our New Year’s Eve party then put it up on the website.  It should be fun.  Expect updates every half hour or so.

News & Notes

Its been a big exciting few days. So exciting, in fact, that it needs to be recapped in a dynamic article that will make is seem more exciting than it really was. So what happened of note in the last few days? Well there was the big beer fest, the Super Bowl, Groundhogs Day, and Michael Phelps caught smoking an illegal kind of smoke.

Lets start the recap.


Super Bowl

I learned a lot of interesting facts about both teams that played in the Super Bowl. For instance, I learned that the Cardinals were the very first NFL team ever formed. Surprising news. I’m not so surprised that the Cardinals were the first team so … Read More »