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There’s been some question as to where to go for the little Turbo Bocce get together tomorrow.  Just plug your address into these directions and you’ll get there.  This is also where the winter league will be playing once it starts. Just go into the back room and we’ll be down the stairs.

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The Turbo Bocce Top 100 Songs of the Decade: Top 10

And here we are, after 10 days of counting down from 100: the Top 10. Some of these songs, and I won’t indicate which, are basically required in order to understand fully the mindset behind a group of people that would start a bocce league. Other songs are just the best songs of the decade and don’t necessarily have any bearing on the league itself. Either way, these songs are the 10 best songs released in the last 10 years.

The Turbo Bocce Top 100 Songs of the Decade: 20-11

Today we list the penultimate 10 songs of the decade. From here on out the list is nothing but the greatest songs to Turbo Bocce that were released this decade, with basically no room for debate. Sure, you could try to debate with me, but you’d be factually wrong.

The Turbo Bocce Top 100 Songs of the Decade: 30-21

The questionable songs on this list disappear right here. Basically every song from here on out defined the decade in ways that prior songs have not. This particular ten is where you get to see just how deep the rabbit hole that is my taste in pop music goes.