Tuesday Night Blog

Week 4 Recap

Monday night I had a dream that I was drinking in a Mike Tyson’s Punch Out themed bar that played “Go Your Own Way” on the jukebox while I and other patrons battled Mike in the arcade. The name of the bar was Little Fleetwood Mac. I woke up thinking that was pretty awesome, but then I remembered something much more awesome . . . it was bocce day. The bocce did not let me down!

We’ve got a lot of great highlights so lets get right to the games.

Lets start with a great game between Amerika’z Most Wanted and Rob & Jon. Amerika’z Most Wanted started the year hot, looking like the champions that they … Read More »

Week 3 Recap

The bocce this week was more awesome than if Willie Wanka changed his chocolate factory over to a beer factory.

It was a little cooler than normal, but that pact with Satan I made held out and we had yet another rain free, mostly sunny, 70ish degree day.

Lets get to the bocce!

Some Innuendo squared off against 2015 elite eight team Bocce Against the Machine, and had a great showing winning by all three games. Some Innuendo has started the year off hot as can be with an 8-1 record. Keith Curreri had 19 points to lead the way for Some Innuendo, and might have scored 20 if his partner had not knocked out his game winning … Read More »

Week 2 Recap

In week one you’re just getting your barrings, so even though the games count you might not put too much weight on the results. By week two you better have your shit together, in other words, these games matter, in other words, its on like some video game that was always on during my childhood. Tecmo Bowl? No. Pac Man? Closer . . .


We’ve now had three days of bocce (including the preseason) and the weather has been perfect for all three. However, if I was going to ignore the fact that “more perfect” is a meaningless phrase, I would say that this … Read More »

Week 1 Recap

As the Pointer Sisters once sang and Jesse Spano once sang/cried “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!”

I assume they were both talking about the start of bocce season.

One of the joys of opening day is breaking out a brand new bocce set.


Look how brand spanking new that bocce set is – never been thrown before. Those balls will break a lot of hearts over the years.

I took it upon myself to film the very first shot taken with the new sets. The video is terrible, the shot is decent considering I was filming and shooting at the same … Read More »