Tuesday Night Blog

Preseason Recap

It bocce time!

As Tupac said in Two of Amerika’z Most Wanted (also the name of a Turbo Bocce championship team): Break out the champagne glasses and mother fuckin’ condoms, and have one on us!

Preseason week kicked off with a beautiful sunny day. We had a nice group of bocce players who came out to get some practice in, and gain an advantage over the rest of the league.


Those who did come got a bit of a surprise. Our field is now approximately 30% bigger. Here is a picture of the new area. Its nice.

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Tuesday Award Winners

The people on this list are the best of the best . . . the Top Guns if you will.


Regular Season Champions: Rick & Robb

Won the regular season with a 24-6 record.

Won the regular season with a 24-6 record.

Los Moppines came in second with a 25-5 record

Black Jesus came in third with a 22-8 record

Regulators came in fourth with a 22-8 record

2 1/2 Kittend came in fifth with a 21-9 record


Points Leader: Robb Jones

Robb won the scoring crown with 173 pointsRead More »

Championship Recap!

Our end of the season tournament is a long and grueling competition. After nine straight hours of bocce followed by several more hours of partying I went home and slept like a baby . . . and by that I mean I woke up crying with a boob in my mouth.


There is a lot of bocce action to cover, so lets get right to it.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes, 25 individual medals, and one huge team trophy!

1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes, 25 individual medals, and one … Read More »

2015 Final Playoff Bracket

Ladies and Gentlemen, your bracket from the final day of bocce . . . it was an epic day.


2015 playoff bracket