Tuesday Night Blog

Tuesday Week 3 Recap

As most of you know it rained yesterday, but only until 6. For those who stuck it out, we actually had really nice weather for bocce, and learned that our field drains quite well.

We had some good bocce games too.

Ball Busters were really happy to find out they were in the bounty game.  Maybe they knew they were going to win?

Ball Busters were really happy to find out they were in the bounty game. Maybe they knew they were going to win?

The first bounty game was played between Ball Busters and Ball & Chain, two of the top teams from last year. … Read More »

Tuesday Week 2 Recap

A rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny evening of bocce, as it has a tendency to do.

Many people came out to play bocce . . . some of them had real style.

Team Feel the Bang

Team Feel the Bang

Others have style on the field, and as proof there were some really good games this week.

Last year’s first place team, Black Jesus beat last year’s third place team Breakfast of Champions two games to one.


Last year’s second place team, Eazy Duz It beat former champion and newly … Read More »

Tuesday Week 1 Recap

There are only two things in this world that I love, bocce and everybody, so opening day of bocce is a pretty special time for me. Just setting up all the bocce balls, mats, and scorecards got me jazzed.

The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.

We have a lot to look forward to this year. Plenty of lights so games can continue past dark when necessary. Our own sound system (don’t be afraid to make music requests). A brand new field full of healthy grass thanks to Turf Magic. But the best thing of all is simply seeing everybody back in the … Read More »

Tuesday Bounty Changes

Last year (and every previous year) we chose two teams at random to play in the bounty game. Before the season each team was assigned a number (based on the order they signed up to play in the league) and two numbers were chosen at random each week to become Bounty Teams. If your number was chosen the team who played you had a chance to win $20. If you beat them, that $20 went back into the pot and the next week some lucky team would have a chance to win $40, and so on.

That was a good system, but there is room for improvement. First, the team that was actually chosen as the bounty team had no way … Read More »