Wednesday Night Blog

Don’t miss the playoff bracket release party!

Can you believe this is the last day of the year for regular season bocce? Turbo Bocce is throwing a playoff bracket release party this Friday at 7pm that involves free drinks and finding out your team’s path through the playoffs. All the party information has been emailed out, so if you did not get the email, send a quick message to and I will fill you in on the details.

Wednesday Make-Up Week #1 Recap

A week of rain and flooding, and beautiful sunny day of bocce. That’s how we roll!

wed m 1

Lots of information to cover, so lets get right to it.

Mayhem & Deboccery played Experienced Ball Handlers in what turned to to be a closely contested match. Experienced Ball Handlers showed their experience by winning a close first game 11-9. In the second game Mayhem & Deboccery bounced back to win 11-5. Then Experienced Ball Handlers won the day with an 11-4 final game win.

Another close game was played between The Rookies and Jay & Silent Botch. After getting blown out the first game 11-3, the … Read More »

Wednesday Week 5 Recap

The last bocce match of the day, week 5, had a bit of a grudge match feel. It went on past dark and ended when not one but two of the balls got lost after being bocced straight into the woods. Now that’s what I call a good way to end the day! Sometimes I try to fathom how awesome bocce is but I cant . . . because its too awesome to fathom.

wed5 6
There were lots of good games this week. L&M faced off against Thunderballz who has yet to loose a game this year. Thunderballz started strong winning the first game … Read More »

Wednesday Week 4 Recap

Join me on the adventure of a lifetime! But then after we finish watching Fievel Goes West, lets recap what happened in bocce last week.

Ready? Okay good, because week 4 was packed with good games.

Two of the top teams so far faced off, with For the Love of Bocce taking two out of three against Till Bocce Do Us Part.


In another really good game, Experienced Ball Handlers faced off against Ontario Strikers, with Ontario Strikers getting the better of things, winning two games.


After a week of … Read More »