Wednesday Night Blog

Playoff Bracket #3

Congrats to our league’s second seed, Balls of Fury who have a bracket named after them!


Playoff Bracket #2

Congrats to 4 seed De-bocce-ry who get a bracket named after them.  And congrats to Expert Ball Handlers who earn a bye.

The winner of this bracket plays the winner of the Two Testies and a Microphone bracket in the final four.


Playoff Bracket #1

Congrats to league champions Two Testies and a Microphone.



Week 8 Recap

Losing at bocce is worse than 10,000 heart attacks. Its also worst than 10,000 maniacs, but not by much.

This joke was brought to you by 90’s pop music.

I want to start the Week 8 discussion with a game between Gruden’s Grinders and We Came In Like a Bocce Ball. Game one was a big win for Gruden’s Grinder’s who took a 13-3 win behind seven big points from Joe Potenza (one of which you can see on the highlight below). Gruden’s Grinders continued their winning ways in game two with an 11-6 win, behind six points from Jake Wilcox.

Then in the third game, Turbo Bocce history was made . . . Jen … Read More »