Wednesday Night Blog

Week 1 Recap

The weather was perfect, and I couldn’t have been any more excited to play bocce. And what happened once I did play bocce? Well, lets just say it would it be an accurate statement to say that I was freaking brothers every way like M.J. Also, I don’t recall having to use my A.K. so you know what that means . . .

That’s right it was a good day all around. A good day for me, a good day for Turbo Bocce, and if you happened to be playing bocce on Wednesday I sure hope it was a good day for you too.

While its possible to have lots of fun no matter whether you win, … Read More »

Wednesday Award Winners

Congratulations to everyone who won a medal!  As an extra bonus you are now the proud all-time record holder in your category.  Now you can root against any future players who challenge the record you set!


Regular Season Champions: Balls of Fury – Robb Jones & John Bauman

29-1 is the record to beat . . . that's gonna be tough!

29-1 is the record to beat . . . that’s gonna be tough!

Money Shot came in second 23-7

Thunderballz came in third 23-7

Jay and Silent Botch came in fourth 20-10

For the Love of Bocce came in fifth 21-9


Points Leader: John Bauman

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Wednesday Playoff Bracket

Vegas predicted a bracket that went to chalk, and you know what, they were pretty much right.  Check out the bracket . . .

Wednesday Bracket

12 seed Ontario Strikers were the real movers in this tournament.  Making lots of waves, finishing first, and coming only a point away from beating the champion.



3 seed Thunderballz finished third . . . congratulations on a great season!



2 seed Money Shot made it to … Read More »

Round 2 Vegas Odds!

I spent some time researching gambling sites looking for a way to handicap the playoffs, and eventually I came upon what I wanted on They give the mathematical formula that Vegas casino’s use to calculate odds for baseball games. And guess what? We keep all the statistics necessary to make these calculations for our bocce league!
So I am going to list every playoff match up and give a % chance of victory. That percentage is not my guess on who wins, but the odds Vegas casinos would give if the sports books allowed betting on Turbo Bocce, based on an actual mathematical formula they actually use. Lets see if there are any surprises!

The Rookies – 8 seed – 18-12 … Read More »