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Vegas Playoff Odds!

We know the playoff match ups, we know the seeds, we know the BCS. What don’t we know yet? The odds Vegas would put on each team winning.

I’m about to fix that.

I spent some time researching gambling sites looking for a way to handicap the playoffs, and eventually I came upon what I wanted on They give the mathematical formula that Vegas casino’s use to calculate odds for baseball games. And guess what? We keep all the statistics necessary to make these calculations for our bocce league!

So I am going to list every playoff match up and give a % chance of victory. That percentage is not my guess on who wins, but the odds Vegas casinos would give … Read More »

Wednesday Brackets and Game Times

Right Side of the bracket:


Wednesday 8/18 games and game times

5:30 pm game time (we are going to try to get two games in to even the brackets out): 

– We Came In Like A Bocce Ball vs. Tiny But Mighty

6:00 pm game time:

– Experienced Ball Handlers vs. Drunk Camels

– Thunderballz vs. Bushwackers

– Mashed Potatoes &  Gravy vs. The Blowing 8 Balls

6:30 pm game time:

Money Shot vs. the winner of We Came In Like A Bocce Ball/Tiny But Mighty


Left Side of the Bracket:


Wednesday 8/18 games and game … Read More »

Wednesday Week 10 Recap

This happened a week ahead of schedule, but its such big news I had to cover it. The bottom line is this, Balls of Fury were 27-0 and attempting to put together the first undefeated season in Turbo Bocce history.

The only team to stand in their way was L & M, and L & M had a first game lead, but of course, those seldom hold up against Balls of Fury. While the game was hard fought, L & M had game point in place with Balls of Fury having one throw left to not lose. Here is what happened:

You probably can’t tell, but Balls of Fury came DAMN close to continuing the game. Damn, close, but not quite there. … Read More »

Don’t miss the playoff bracket release party!

Can you believe this is the last day of the year for regular season bocce? Turbo Bocce is throwing a playoff bracket release party this Friday at 7pm that involves free drinks and finding out your team’s path through the playoffs. All the party information has been emailed out, so if you did not get the email, send a quick message to and I will fill you in on the details.