2018 Calandar

Indoor League Opening Day

Free to attend.  Learn how indoor bocce is played.  Come with a partner or as a single, anytime between 5:30 and 8:30.  More info HERE.


*there will be weekly indoor league games played between 1/9 and 3/13 at All Star Alley in Destiny USA.

Indoor League Championship/Open Tournament

We will decide an indoor league champion, and also be playing an all day “open” tournament while we watch NCAA opening day games all day long on hundreds of TVs!  Noon to Midnight!



Turbo Bocce St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float

March (and drink!) with us in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on what I can only assume will be the greatest parade float the world has ever known.  Noon to 2pm.



Outdoor League Preseason/Practice Day/ Free agent signing day

If you’ve played Turbo Bocce before this is your chance to get some practice in and find a teammate if you happen to need a new one.



Outdoor League Open House

If you’re new to Turbo Bocce this is your chance to come learn how to play.   Free pizza and beer so invite your friends!  5-9pm



Major Save the Dates!

Turbo Bocce Triple Crown dates

1 on 1 tournament – 7/14/18 – 11am start, lasts all day

Tuesday League Championship – 8/18/18 – 11am start, lasts all day

Wednesday League Championship – 8/25/18 – 11am start, lasts all day

Italian Fest Bocce Tournament – 9/15/18 – 9am start, lasts all day


Turbo Bocce Regular Season Dates

Wednesday League

Week 1 – 5/23/18

Make Up Week #1 – 7/3/18 – No Wednesday make up due to 4th of July

Week 10 – 8/1/18

Make Up Week #2 – 8/8/18 – All regular season games must be played by this date

Breacket Reveal – 8/11/18

Playoff Week #1 – 8/15/18

Playoff Week #2 – 8/22/18

Championship – 8/25/28



Tuesday League

Week 1 – 5/15/19

Make Up Week #1 – 7/3/18

Week 10 – 7/24/18

Make Up Week #2 – 7/31/18 – All regular season games must be played by this date

Bracket Reveal – 8/13/18

Playoff Week #1 – 8/7/18

Playoff Week #2 – 8/14/18

Championship – 8/18/18 – 11 am start, lasts all day


Other Tournament Dates to Keep in Mind

6/9/17 – Blind Draw “get to know the league” tournament – Noon – 5pm

10/13/17 – Last outdoor tournament of the season – Noon – 5pm


Cheap Easy and FUN New Year’s Eve

NYE – 30 … we celebrate ring in the New Year’s from 30 years ago, with all the games and music popular at the time, even the correct NYE countdown for the year! This time its 1988/1989. 8pm to 2am



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*All dates subject to change