The Dialogues of 7th Grade Boys

Boy 1: Hey there’s this girl in our class that I like, but don’t know what to say to her.

Boy 2: Hmm, I know! Tell her you have wet dreams about her.

1: You’re stupid.

2: Listen, if you tell her that and she doesn’t understand it, she obviously doesn’t know about sex.

1: Ok.

2: Now if she does get it, she not only knows about sex but also is clearly fertile because girls start puberty before guys. That means you two can have sex!

1: Brilliant! I’ll do it tomorrow.


2: Ok man, do it! She’s just doing homework now, it’s time, it’s time, it’s Vader time!

1: Shut up crotchmoss.


1: Hey Shelly, need any help with homework?

S: I’m ok mostly…It’s … Read More »

The Ultimate Warrior as transcribed by Sanguine French

snort, heavy breathing

Nonsensical ramblings: logical or not? That is the question.

So the birds told the beavers that the honey is overflowing these days. With the economy being as poor/positive as it is, certain men and women who used to be men know that when the JUICE is LOOSE, no amount of fear can stop the money from climbing.

Now Modus Tollens might be used to prove invalid arguments valid, but that may not be correct. An argument is always valid unless proved invalid. This is done if all the premises are true and the conclusion is false. So for example, I may say, “Joanne is loquacious” which can be symbolized as P and “Roxanne is somber (q) and Joanne is loquacious” symbolized as p … Read More »

The Candylicker Cums Back

It is with much embarrassment that in this site’s first two months of existence the first mention of the great Marvin Sease was made yesterday. The average bocce fan may be asking what the inclusion of the pimptastic Marvin Sease has to do with the sport of bocce. The answer: Marvin Sease cured cancer.

Marvin Sease cured cancer? Yes, Marvin Sease through his refreshing tales of cunnilingus, cured the cancerous stigma that going down on a woman’s vagina is an awful thing to do.

Marvin Sease was not always the esteemed musician and lover that he is today. As a youth he was consistently made to feel negative by his schoolmates for his love of cunnilingus. The … Read More »