Congratulations to the Tipp Hill Tossers for their second championship in a row! The Tossers took down all comers throughout the year and now have the best win/loss record for two years running. They took down long-time rivals Black Jesus in the championship match 2-0 to be crowned champions of 2009.

In other news, now that the 2009 season is over we are ready to take preliminary applications for the 2010 summer league. If you are interested in joining next summer, please email Paul or myself if you are interested. Final details of the 2010 season will be hammered out when the time comes, but it’s never too early to start planning where YOU will be … Read More »

If following the various updates on our website isn’t asinine enough for you, we’ve just set ourselves up on twitter! To follow the league on twitter, just go to our twitter page and follow us from there! Now you too can know exactly when any league member with access to the page is going to the bathroom and what level the feces are on the Bristol Stool Scale!