Tuesday Playoff Recap

Team’s seasons are coming to an abrupt and frustrating end. Surviving teams are now only one win away from qualifying for the day-long mega tournament to determine the Turbo Bocce champion. I randomly wake up in the middle of the night to find myself chewing glass and shooting black tar heroine directly into my eyeball . . . it must be playoff time!

Public Service Announcement: Real life will be canceled until further notice due to the Turbo Bocce Playoffs.


Lets break down the games one-by-one. I’ll be giving what the Vegas odds of each game were. The Vegas odds are a formula … Read More »

Individual Awards

There is no “I” in “team” . . . but there sure as hell is an “I” in “kick ass bocce player” and we are not here to celebrate teamwork, we’re here to celebrate kick ass bocce players.

The following is a list of your 2015 Individual Award winners:

The big winner for most points goes to Robb Jones with 173. He beat out Paul Colabufo (170) and Jacke Schatz (168) for the award.

One of Robb's league leading 173 points.

One of Robb’s league leading 173 points.

The winner for most bocces goes to Sherri Walakis with 69. She beat her partner Kim Pomeroy (64), Dave … Read More »

Tuesday Brackets and Game Times

Regulators Bracket:


Teams that have to play this Tuesday 8/17:

* email paul@turbobocce.com if you can’t make your game date or time

– Twinning vs. Some Innuendo – game time 6:00pm

– Amerika’z Most Wanted vs. S&M – game time 6:00pm

– Mission Imbocceball II vs. Little Big Leagues- game time 6:00pm


Teams that will NOT be playing this Tuesday because they have a bye, and will be playing next Tuesday 8/24:

* email paul@turbobocce.com if you can’t make your game date or time

– Regulators vs. winner of Twinning/Some Innuendo – 6:00pm

– Kiss My Ace vs. winner of Amerika’z Most Wanted/S&M – 6:00pm

– 2 1/2 Kittens vs. winner of Mission … Read More »

Don’t miss the playoff bracket release party!

Can you believe this is the last day of the year for regular season bocce? Turbo Bocce is throwing a playoff bracket release party this Friday at 7pm that involves free drinks and finding out your team’s path through the playoffs. All the party information has been emailed out, so if you did not get the email, send a quick message to paul@turbobocce.com and I will fill you in on the details.