Championship Vegas Odds!

Who reached the Turbo Bocce championship? Here are the updated brackets, complete with Vegas Odds! As always the Vegas Odds come from a formula that an actual Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games which we have all the statistical inputs necessary to compute.

1 seed Uncle Jun’s in the Muff vs 5 seed Blue Ballz … And Vegas Says … Uncle Jun’s in the Muff have a 90% chance of victory. Spoiler Alert … Vegas is ridiculously high on Uncle Jun’s in the Muff. To a level I haven’t seen before.

*3 seed Glory Rollers vs 6 seed Draggin Ballz … And Vegas Says … … Read More »

Wednesday Trophies

Who has a trophy coming their way at our end of season party on Saturday the 18th? 23 people actually. Are you one of them?

Lets break down all the many (many) categories.

The most important award is the regular season championship; definitely a worthy bocce title in its own right. If you want to know who won that (and who came close) you just have to look at our brackets. Spoiler alert, Uncle Jun’s in the Muff won the title with a 26-4 record and a 2.034 BCS. Congrats John and Greg.

The best rookie team (or team where both members were first year players) was Blue Ballz. Way to go guys. Its hard to come in and compete … Read More »

Vegas Odds!

I bet you’re wondering what your odds of victory in the playoffs are.

Well I found the mathematical formulas that a Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games, and guess what? We keep all the necessary inputs to use their formulas! This means we can find out find out how a real Vegas Sportsbook would handicap each one of our games! And I’ve done exactly that for round one of the playoffs!

You can check the brackets HERE if you need a refresher.

After doing this for a few years I’ve found that Vegas is right more than they are wrong, but they are wrong plenty. The really interesting part is that they rarely give the underdog a higher … Read More »

Wednesday Playoff Bracket

There will be a for fun tournament played at 6pm 8/8 with a $10 buy in.

All playoff games will be played at exactly 6pm on Wednesday 8/15.  If you can’t play at that time please email to figure out a new time to play or you forfeit and your season is over.

If you win your first round game you advance to the Turbo Bocce Championship which will be played at Noon on Saturday August 18th.  Free drinks will be provided during play, and free food will be provided after play has ended.  All the awards will be given out after play has ended.  Please join us to celebrate a fun year even if you’re not playing!!!

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