End of Season Information

Key Dates:

8/4 – Wednesday League Bracket Release Party

8/13 – Tuesday Bracket Release Party

8/19 – Wednesday championship, award ceremony, and end of the year party!

8/26 – Tuesday championship, award ceremony, and end of the year party!


Our regular season is coming to an end with final “make up” weeks to play any regular season games you have missed on 8/2 for Wednesday League and 8/8 for Tuesday League. It will be the final day to play regular season games, after that any games you have not played (you should have 30 total games played by the end) will be forfeits.  Everybody does, however, make the playoffs.

I am thinking about scheduling a second make up week this Saturday the 29th at 11 am.  There is a Tipp Hill Scavenger Crawl at 1pm which should be tons of fun.  I figure we can make up games and then join in.  But I’m only doing this if people want it, so if you want to play a make up game on the 29th, please comment on this post or send me an email at paul@turbobocce.com and let me know!!!

Our playoff bracket reveal parties will be Friday 8/4 for Wednesday League and Sunday 8/13 for Tuesday League.  We will give out the playoff brackets and tell everybody who the regular season award winners are.  We do this with a big party at my house with free drinks where we release all the info on a big outdoor movie screen (304 Hamilton Rd. N. Syracuse 13212).

Playoffs will start August 9th for Wednesday League, and August 15h Tuesday Leauge.  Wednesday Leage moves directly to the championship after an August 9th win, while Tuesday League needs to win again on Tuesday the 22nd before moving on to their August 26th championship..  Everybody makes the playoffs.  The best teams play the worst teams and so on.  If you don’t show and don’t let me know ahead of time you forfeit and your season is over! If you let me know about conflicts ahead of time we can almost always work something out!

The Turbo Bocce championship will consist of final 8 teams for Wednesday and the final 16 teams for Tuesday will be competing in this tour  This tournament will start at Noon Wednesday and 11am Tuesday, and go until 5 or 6pm. Everybody in the league is invited to the award ceremony after the tournament, even if you are not playing that day!  There will be free food and free drinks, we will give out all the regular season awards (most points, most bocces, most aces, most Turbo Round wins, and Rookie of the Year) and we will be giving out our playoff awards to the champs and playoff mvp.  I hope to see everybody there as we celebrate the end of our season!