Week 7 Recap

Can you believe its week 7 already? The season is flying by, but that just means we’ve been having fun. I hope lucky number 7 brought you good luck on the bocce field, even though I know mathematically that 50% of you lost.

Our bocce has been rain free so far this year, which is 9 straight weeks when you include the preseason week and the make up week. On top of all that sunshine, the temperatures have been nice and hot which makes me want to take a look at who is hot in the standings.

I’ve got to start with Droppin Balls, who were 4-5 and languishing in the bottom half of the standings just … Read More »

Make Up Week Recap

The Turbo Bocce season is 30 games long. That’s 10 weeks of three game sets. We also give you two “make up weeks” to get your games in. The first make up week always falls on 4th of July week, and the second is the last week of the season, which will fall on August 10th this year. Any games you have not played by August 10th will be forfeits (but everybody makes the playoffs anyway).

So this week marks not only the birth of our nation but the first make up week of our season and that, I think, deserves fireworks.

We had some on the field fireworks too as our teams had to deal with … Read More »

Make Up Week Recap

The Turbo Bocce season is 10 (three games sets) long, but being the generous chaps we are, we give you 12 weeks to play 10 times, thus there are two “make up weeks” built into the season. The first always falls on the week of 4th of July, and the second falls on the last week of the regular season, which will be August 9th this year.

That makes this week special for two reasons . . .

Number one, its a make up week.

Number two, ‘Merica!

Its now been 16 days with zero measurable rain in Syracuse, so the field is pretty dry and the league must adjust to the changed playing conditions. Some teams do better at adjusting … Read More »

Week 5 Recap

WARNING: 5 Weeks of Turbo Bocce will make you unspeakably awesome. Side affects include being able to: win a game of connect 4 in only three moves, cut through a hot knife with butter, count to infinity – twice, and start a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together. Houston will start calling you when they have a problem. You won’t be able to walk on water, but you will be able to swim through land.

A Dave Matthews related blip in the schedule made for a rather low turn out, but the 50 or so that did show up (even a few smarties who used bocce as a way to tailgete for the concert) were … Read More »