Tuesday Award Winners

The people on this list are the best of the best . . . the Top Guns if you will.


Regular Season Champions: Rick & Robb

Won the regular season with a 24-6 record.

Won the regular season with a 24-6 record.

Los Moppines came in second with a 25-5 record

Black Jesus came in third with a 22-8 record

Regulators came in fourth with a 22-8 record

2 1/2 Kittend came in fifth with a 21-9 record


Points Leader: Robb Jones

Robb won the scoring crown ... <a href = 'http://turbobocce.com/tuesday-award-winners/'>Read More »</a></p>
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Silver Knight’s Bocce Tournament Recap

The first ever Silver Knight’s bocce tournament had a lot going on. Just agreeing to play in the event got you free pizza and beer, the chance to win cash prizes, the SU football game projected onto a big movie screen (and they actually won!), and VIP tickets to the Silver Knight’s season opener (a $23 value, not counting the VIP access). Not bad for the $20 a person tournament entrance fee!

On top of all that, we raised $800 for the Syracuse Silver Knight Foundation, which is a wonderful charitable organization that helps underprivileged kids get involved with sports so they wont get involved in something bad or destructive instead.

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Week 9 Recap

Now that Turbo Bocce is in its tenth year, our records are getting extremely hard to break. Through the first eight weeks of the season a few all time records were pressed, but none of them fell. That all changed in week 9.


The record that was up for grabs was the largest bounty prize of all time – $120. Needless to say this would be one of the most fun and profitable records to have, and Rick and Matt of Ralph Bocce-O were the two people with the chance to break it.

It took six straight weeks of the first bounty team winning to … Read More »

Turbo Bocce One-On-One Tournament Recap

After all the bocce balls had been set up and all the contestants signed in – while the brackets were being randomly selected and drawn up – there was a moment of quiet anticipation. A jersey that read ‘St. Jude Hero’ fluttered in the wind alongside a Turbo Bocce flag. The jersey was appropriately worded.


In a very real sense everybody that attended Turbo Bocce’s first one on one tournament to determine the best bocce player in Syracuse was a hero, because every participant made a contribution to help the sick children at St. Jude’s Hospital – but having said that, everybody in attendance … Read More »