Italian Fest Results

If you missed the Italian Fest, I bet you want to know how we did  . . . or maybe you don’t.

After seven straight years of taking first place (and usually most of the other money earning spots as well).  Turbo Bocce came up empty this year.

We earned a big slice of "failure cake"this year.

We earned a big slice of “failure cake”this year.

We fielded 5 teams out of a 25 team field.  The highest finish we had was, I believe, 5th place.  The beauty of bocce is, anyone has a chance to win at any time.  Sometimes get the bounces, and sometimes you … Read More »

Pics – Last 4 Itailain Fest Winners

I’m pretty sure we have won the last seven years, but unfortunately I only have pics of the last four.


Anson Zeppetello, Andy Ingalls, George Christou, Phil Martino – 2014



Joe Mead, Andy Ingalls, George Christou, Phil Martino – 2013


Bernard LeVine, Bill LaBrake, Scott Mead, Scott Rau – 2012


Cal Callahan, Garth Coviello, John Lacy, Jim “Hammer” McCarthy – 2011

540305_239609866147979_357483793_nRead More »

Italian Fest Recap

The city of Syracuse holds a large 4 on 4 bocce tournament on the lawn in front of City Hall, every year during its Italian Fest. This tournament has been going on for decades, but for the last seven years it has been a way for Turbo Bocce to showcase just how much better we are than everybody else.

Last year we took home all the money by winning first, second, and third place in the tournament. This year would be more difficult.

The rain did not stop the bocce!

The rain did not stop the bocce!

The weather was ominous … Read More »