Wednesday League Championship 8/19

Reminder: Wednesday League championship will be this Saturday! Games start at Noon, and will finish around 5ish. Then at 5 in the Ukrainian Home we will be celebrating the season with free food and drinks (for EVERYONE in the league) and we will be handing out tons of awards and prize money. Hope to see you there whether you are playing on Wednesday or not.

If your name is still on the bracket, show up by Noon for your game.  If you name is not on the bracket, we hope to see you at 5 for our end of the year celebration!

Playoff Round 1 Recap

#8 Like a Botch vs. #9 Ball Busters

Vegas predicted a close game as you’d expect between an 8 and 9 seed, giving Like a Botch a 60% chance of victory. All and all I’d say Vegas got this one right as Like a Botch won the series in two games, but both were hard fought wins, with the first game going into overtime. Despite Matt Carr having a great game and scoring 6 points in each game for Ball Busters, Like a Botch was too strong winning the series 12-10 and 11-9.

#5 Gone Fishing vs. #12 Betty & Bo

Vegas liked Gone Fishing in this one, giving them an 83% chance of victory. The game was long and harder fought than … Read More »

Tuesday Playoff Brackets

All games start at 6pm Tuesday!


Vegas Odds


I bet you’re wondering what your odds of victory in the playoffs are!

I found the mathematical formulas that a Vegas Sports Book uses to predict baseball games and guess what?  We keep all the necessary inputs to use their formulas!  This means we can find out find out how a Vegas sportsbook would handicap each one of our games!  And I’ve done exactly that!

After doing this for a few years I’ve found that Vegas is right more than they are wrong, but they are wrong plenty.  The really interesting part is that they rarely give the underdog a higher chance of winning, but when … Read More »