Season Start Dates

Open House: Tuesday 5/16

Wednesday League Week 1: 5/17

Tuesday League Week 1: 5/23


Meet the Wednesday Award Winners

We had a great year. We are giving out a butt load of awards, and the people who won them really earned them this year.

We will be handing out all these awards at our end of season party Saturady 8/27 in the back room of Sharkey’s at 6pm. . . if you get there at 6pm and nobody is there, it means our end of the season tournament ran long, just check the bocce field. Everyone is invited to this tournament and there will be free food, and drinks, in addition to the awards we had out.

So without further ado . . .

The award for Turbo Bocce Regular Season Champion goes to . . . Two Testies and a … Read More »

Tuesday League Bracket

Dog Brother’s Bracket:



Black Jesus Bracket:



Mark & Robb Bracket:



Ralph Bocce-O Bracket:


Playoff Game Times and Vegas Odds

The Second Round of the playoffs happens this Wednesday, and here are a few things you need to know.

1) Playoffs are a best of 3 series, so unlike the regular season if you win the first two games (or lose) the series is over.
When you lose in the playoffs your season is, sadly, over.
If you win, you will be in our end of the season tournament Saturday the 27th to determine the Turbo Bocce Champion
All playoff games take place at 6pm. If you can’t make that time call me at 315-254-3639. If you don’t call and don’t show, you forfeit and your season is over.
Everybody (even the teams that don’t make the final tournament )should show up by 6pm Saturday the … Read More »