Italian Fest Recap

The city of Syracuse holds a large 4 on 4 bocce tournament on the lawn in front of City Hall, every year during its Italian Fest. This tournament has been going on for decades, but for the last seven years it has been a way for Turbo Bocce to showcase just how much better we are than everybody else.

Last year we took home all the money by winning first, second, and third place in the tournament. This year would be more difficult.

The rain did not stop the bocce!

The rain did not stop the bocce!

The weather was ominous … Read More »

Do you know about the Commonwealth Games? You should!

Lets take a quick quiz. What are the three biggest sporting events in the world this year (in terms of people watching)?

Here is a hint. None of the three are the Super Bowl.

Most can probably guess that the World Cup ranks first and the Winter Olympics comes in second, and sure, you are bound to guess the Commonwealth Games third because I mentioned them in the title of this article, but would you have otherwise?

The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event that resembles the Olympics. The athletes hail from countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Nations which is an intergovernmental alliance between countries that used to be part of the British Empire. 53 countries comprise the Commonwealth of … Read More »

Week 4 Recap

I always love it when guests stop by to visit – mostly because I love showing off the great thing we’ve got going on. In this respect week 4 was a great week, because a ton of cool guests came around to check out what Turbo Bocce is all about.

Our first guest was none other than Turbo Bocce’s unofficial mascot Sanguine French who appeared in full regalia to both entertain and mystify the bocce players he spoke with.


My personal favorite picture is of Sanguine giving current Turbo Bocce champion Robb Jones bocce advice.

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Week 2 Recap

Any day that starts with two-for-one drinks and ends with a free shot is a good day in my book, especially when the middle part of the day involves playing bocce.

Speaking of bocce, this weeks recap will include video for the first time ever thanks to Tom Montague, but before I get to that I want to acknowledge the 30 pack of National Boehemian beer donated by Adam Wozniack. Last week he sang the Nation Anthem to kickstart our season and this week he donates 30 very distinctive beers. What a guy.


The big news this week came from the two bounty games – … Read More »