Playoff Bracket #4

Congrats to 3 seed Thunderballz, who have this bracket named after them.

The winner of the Thunderballz bracket will go on to face the winner of the Balls of Fury bracket in the final four.


Playoff Bracket #2

Congrats to 4 seed De-bocce-ry who get a bracket named after them.  And congrats to Expert Ball Handlers who earn a bye.

The winner of this bracket plays the winner of the Two Testies and a Microphone bracket in the final four.


Playoff Bracket #1

Congrats to league champions Two Testies and a Microphone.



Playoff Bracket #3

Mark & Robb missed out on being league champions by 0.002%.  Tough luck, but they are rewarded with a 2 seed and their own bracket.

Congrats to Schaffer BMW, Big LaBocce, Kiss My Ace, and Droppin Balls for earning byes.