Top 10 Reasons to Play Turbo Bocce!

Turbo Bocce was invented in Syracuse and has rules that make it perfect for our city! Here are 10 more reasons to try Turbo Bocce …

#1) Playing Bocce is the absolute best way to be social and meet new people

Did you know that bocce is considered America’s most social sport? Think it over, and you’ll see why this makes sense. When you play bocce you’re standing right next to your opponents, interacting with them. In our league you’ll often find yourself sharing drinks and food with the people you are playing against. You can’t help but meet new people and make new friends. Now contrast that with other recreational sports, like kickball or softball where your team is … Read More »

Bocce Champion!!!

Extra! Extra!  Robb Jones wins the Turbo Bocce Indoor Championship and cements his legacy as the greatest indoor bocce player of all time (until next year).  Full story and highlights to come.  Congratulations Robb!

Indoor Week 8 Recap

The regular season is O-V-E-R! Didn’t that go by fast???

We’ve got some highlights to show and some great regular season accomplsihments to acknowledge!

Lets start with Most Wins! With 9 court bocce wins and 1 table bocce win, Greg Griffo takes this crown with 10 total wins!

This shot is impressive because, your ball get eliminated if it hits the back wall without touching another ball.  Lots of precision here!  Also check out SU kicking Wake Forrests ass on no less than 7 movie screens!!!

Most Table Bocce Wins! and Best Table Bocce Winning Percentage! both go to Rob Calvani … ya pool shark!!

Most Court Bocce Wins! is a tie, Mike Burkett and Greg Griffo both come in … Read More »

Indoor Week 7 Recap

Who says bocce isn’t a dangerous sport? We’re almost all the way through the season and the injuries are pilling up. Lets take a look at the injury report (names redacted due to HIPAA privacy laws).

Player XXX has a nasty case of senioritis … out 3 months, psychologically unable to perform.

Player XXX’s ass won’t close … day to day; but aren’t we all.

Player XXX is creeped out by the thought that every hand he’s ever shaken has had a dick in it at one time or other … 14 day D.L. (the D stands for dick).

Player XXX has an acute case of cankles … its acute and not chronic so they’re listed as probable to … Read More »