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If you want to play Turbo Bocce in our Tuesday night league, please register below.

***Turbo Bocce is moving from Sharkey’s to Tipp Hill this year*** Since we are no longer affiliated with a bar you are welcome to bring your own beer, or you can buy it through us at a major discount (because we will pool all the money and buy in bulk). Unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase beer by the day or even by the week through us. You have to pay for the entire season or half a season so we know exactly how much beer to buy. Doing it this way will allow us to provide you with beer while you play bocce for as little as $6.67 for an entire day of drinking. Thanks. Turbo Bocce.


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If you have any questions please contact us or contact Paul Colabufo at paul@turbobocce.com or at 315-254-3639.

If you are sure you want to play Turbo Bocce but not sure what you want your team name to be, here are some suggestions.