1 on 1 Tournament!

The showdown occurs on Saturday July 14th at 11am at our normal field on Tipp Hill, and it will last several hours.

Would you like to be known worldwide as the best bocce player in Syracuse?

Want a crown, like this one?

Bryan Mullane receives his triple crown award with the opening scene of Blackball on in the background.

The only way to do it is to win this tournament!!! The 1 on 1 tournament is the first leg of the bocce triple crown!!!  You’ve got to compete to earn points, and you’ve got to earn ALL the points to become only the second triple crown winner in history.

Its free to play in, but you do have to register.  We will be randomly drawing brackets on Friday July 13 (yep, Friday the 13th draw!) at 6pm, so you have to register by then.  How do you register?  Email paul@turbobocce.com and tell him you want to play in the 1 on 1 tournament.  That’s it!

See you on the battle field!