A Quick Guide To Joining the Turbo Bocce League

We start next Tuesday – May 28th – and go for 10 weeks plus a playoff. Yes we do accept people who want to start late or can’t make a specific week or two (there are make-up dates set).

The League is held Tuesdays at Onondaga Lake Park between the Visitor Center and the Salt museum between 5-9pm (your game will take about an hour).

Teams of 2 so grab a friend or email paul@turbobocce.com and ask if there is anybody else out there looking for a partner.

Cost is $50 for the year.

There are NO set schedules – show up any time after 5pm so long as you can get your game (which will take about an hour) in before dark, and we will place you with another team who is there and ready to play.

Enjoy – $5 all you can eat and drink every week.  Cash prizes given out every week.  Stats kept and then announced on 97.7 ESPN radio.

Late arrivals are welcome!

For more details, click HERE.

Email paul@turbobocce.com or call 315-254-3639 with any questions.