About Turbo Bocce


Here are 10 great reasons to play Turbo Bocce!

Turbo Bocce has games every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer.

    • Turbo Bocce is bigger than ever, with more options to get involved and try something new!
    • Original Turbo Bocce Leagues are played in a big grass field on Tipp Hill on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
    • A new Turbo Bocce sand league is kicking off this year at Beginning II in Liverpool!
    • Turbo Bocce Open House is a great way to see what we are all about with no cost or commitment.  Plus there will be Free pizza and beer!  Join us for this May 9th on Tipp Hill, anytime between 5 and 7pm.
    • If you join the league, games take about an hour and can be played any time after 5pm and before dark (about 9pm). To keep our league convenient and limit wait time, there are no set schedules. You simply show up whenever is most convenient for you and play the next available team you have not already played against. There are always games available for everybody.
    • A team consists of two players so bring a friend or contact paul@turbobocce.com to be set up with a partner of your choosing through our “free agent” program.
    • Tuesday and Wednesday leagues play games at Fayette St. on Tipp Hill, there is Parking in front of Nibsy’s Bar and in front of the Ukrainian National Home.  See the map below for field details. 
    • Our new Monday league is something totally new to Syracuse!  Beach bocce in the sand!  Check out some pics and videos of what that will be like HERE.  Should be exciting!
    • Our season (for all 3 leagues) lasts 10 weeks, plus two make up weeks and a playoff, you have 12 weeks to play 10 times and you can play more than one time in a week if you need to make up extra games.  We’re all about being easy on your schedule!
    • The final playoff day is an all day tournament capped with an end of the season party with free food and drinks!  It will be held Saturday August 18 for all 3 leagues.
    • On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be pooling our money to buy food and drinks in bulk so you get all you can drink for just $10!  And this deal includes beer several local breweries who are going to brew up something special just for us!!
    • All the bocce balls, score sheets, food, drinks, and everything else you need are provided by the league. You just need to show up and have a good time. The league fee for the year is $50 per player.   With this fee you get participation in the league, and an opportunity to win money every week, a payout in the playoffs, and a free end of the year party.
    • Contact Paul at paul@turbobocce.com if you have any questions.

If you want to register to play in the Turbo Bocce league click here.