Annual 1 vs. 1 Tournament Details

You know you want to be part of the triple crown club!

Turbo Bocce’s annual 1 on 1 tournament is coming up August 1st.  Here are the details:

– The tourney will start at 10 am

– It will be double elimination

– There will be free food and free beer for everybody who plays!

– There will be a cash prize for the winner (the size of the prize will depend on how many people play).

– The cost to play is $20

– The Tournament will be held at the Cold Springs area of Onondaga Lake Park – right next to the Wegman’s Good Dog Park – 49 Cold Springs Trail, Liverpool, NY 13090.

– This tournament is the first leg of the Triple Crown of bocce.

– The winner of this tournament will henceforth be known as the BEST BOCCE PLAYER IN SYRACUSE!

If you think you are good enough to win, this is the place to prove it!  If you are new to bocce and don’t think you can win .  . . show up anyway and get all you can eat and drink for $20, you never know what might happen.

To win the Turbo Bocce triple crown you have to win:

– Our one-on-one tournament which will take place Saturday August 1st.

– The Turbo Bocce championship (you are all already playing for), which will be a three day playoff starting on Wednesday August 19th, continuing to Wednesday August 26th, and finally culminating on Saturday August 29th.

– The Italian fest tournament.  This is a four-on-four tournament that takes place on Saturday September 19th in front of City Hall.

I need to know how much food and beer to bring so I would prefer if people signed up early (though I wont turn anybody away morning of).  You can register HERE, or you can simply shoot me an email saying you want to participate.

Brackets will be drawn at random the morning of the event.  Unless the exact right amount of people participate there will be byes. These byes will be given out to the first people to register for the event – for example, if there happens to be four byes the first four people to register will get them.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with their prizes

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with their prizes