2012 week 2 stats!

Stats are up for the second week! Get ’em HERE while they’re hot!

First Week’s Stats!

Stats for the first week are up! You can view them here!

New signups being accepted!

Welcome to the newest season of Turbo Bocce!

If you’re here to signup to join the premiere lawn bocce league in Syracuse you can do so here.

The first practice “pre-season” day is Tuesday, May 22nd around 5pm. We highly recommend that anyone new to the league show up so they can get acquainted with our style of play and the atmosphere of the league. Those who have played before should know that yes, the keg will be there.

The regular season begins on May 29th, so if you don’t show up for the practice day you’d better be ready to roll!

Those of you joining us from previous seasons will notice a few changes this time around. The … Read More »

Stats! Finally!

All right folks, the stats are all posted and are as up to date as what we have at the moment. Click here to visit the stats page, or go to About->Teams in the menu above. Not all teams have played all their games as of yet so it might look a little wonky, but there they are.