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Crawlmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping & Bar Crawl

Thursday December 5th 5:30 to ???

I feel like we need a creative name for this …

Crawlmas Shopping

Black (Out) Friday Thursday

Yule have more fun shopping drunk

These are getting worse aren’t they?  The point is we go out, we drink … then if there is time and if we remember we buy our Christmas presents.


Restaurants your family wants gift cards to that also have good bars!

A Mano
Oh My Darling

Cool shops we can sneak a flask into

Scholars & Champs
Sound Garden

Places to Pre-Game

M Lemp Jewlers
The Art Mart
Landmark Box Office

Itinerary – so you know where to find us along the way


Follow me in merry measure …

Meet up at 5:30 at A Mano on Warren St.  There is plenty of free on-street … Read More »

Turbo Bocce Registration – LS

Get all the details, so you know: what/when/where/how much!

Pay Here

Turbo Bocce Registration – LS

Me $50.00 USDMe & my partner $100.00 USD

Register HERE


5 Individual Stats Explained

Turbo Bocce keeps track of 5 different statistical categories for each and every player in the league.  The following is an explanation of each.

Points: This one is pretty self explanatory.  If your bocce ball scores a point, you get credit for it.  All our games are played up to 11, win by 2. The all time record for points in a season is 200.

Bocces: This is without a doubt our most difficult stat to explain, but essentially it boils down to this: when the opposing team has a ball in scoring position and you knock that ball out of scoring position with your ball, you get a bocce.  Incidental contact does not count.  Your ball striking your opponents ball and knocking it … Read More »

Create Your Own Turbo Bocce League

The Turbo Bocce league started with 16 friends playing bocce in someone’s back yard.  Now we have over three hundred members and our own field.  You can do the same!


Why would you want to start your own bocce league?  Well,  its easy, there is very little overhead (possibly none), and we are here to help.  Oh yea, and its a ton of fun!

Did you know bocce is America’s most social sport?

Organizing your own bocce league allows you to meet new people, and become a beacon for social gathering in your community.

Read More »