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Week 10 Recap

While Turbo Bocce is destined to stand the test of time like the Mona Lisa, or the music of Milli Vanilli, the same cannot be said for this summer. We have reached the 10th week of a 10 week season. In a couple weeks the Fair will start, then football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (at least its nice to know that all the things coming up are awesome, I love this time of year!).

But before any of those other things happen something more important will happen, we will crown a Turbo Bocce champion, and we can’t do that until the season ends officially next week.

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Turbo Bocce Week 7 Recap

Week seven was a little crazy, in a good way. So I’m also going to make this recap a little crazy, hopefully also in a good way.

There were a lot of notable games so I want to get right into it.

Tony, Tony, Tony has one of the best records in the league, and played a great game against league veterans Knickerbocces. This was one of those games that was so close I have to mention it. Tony, Tony, Tony won the first game 11-6, then things got crazy. Knickerbocces won the second, but not easily, it took 15 points to secure a 15-11 win, but they did win in style with a 4 point round! The third game also went … Read More »

Tuesday Make-Up Week #1 Recap

This was the picture on the front page of Syracuse.com

syracuse flood

This was the headline: Torrential rain breaks record in Syracuse.

Now check out these pictures from bocce . . . nothing but sunshine!

M week 2

M week 1

M week 3

We could see the clouds and the … Read More »

Tuesday Week 5 Recap

There was beautiful weather and important bocce happening as we approached the half way point of the season.


Nothing better than bocce under a blue sky.

Even better news, I asked a scientist and he told me that winning at bocce really does make you a better person.  Knowing this, lets start the recap with a family torn in two by bocce (not really) as Siobhan Christou and her team Twinning went up against her husband George Christou and his team Vince’s Gourmet Imports. FYI: if you are wondering why Black Jesus became Vince’s Gourmet Imports, its because Vince’s wanted to … Read More »