Tuesday Night Blog

Make Up Week Pre-Game

NOTICE: All regular season games must be played by Midnight tomorrow, Wednesday August 1st.  Each team should have 30 regular season games by then.  Any games not played will be forfeits, but every team makes the playoffs no matter what. 


Weather Forecast

There will be no rain today!  Wooo!  I suggest trying to get as many games in tonight as possible, because tomorrow’s forecast does call for rain during bocce … hopefully that changes in the next 24 hours, I’ll keep you updated, but BEWARE, even if there is torrential rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, it will still be the last possible time to play regular season games.  Unfortunately playing all the games by tomorrow is the only way to have the brackets … Read More »

Week 10 Recap

This is our last recap of the year (this week’s results will be made available at our Bracket Release Party) so lets make it count!!!

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Team Achievements

Coming into the week there were (by my extremely rough estimates) eleven teams with a chance to win the regular season title. As a quick reminder, we use the BCS, or bocce championship survey, to determine our regular season champion (and playoff standings). The BCS takes wins and also strength of schedule into consideration. Here’s our formula: your winning percentage doubled plus your opponents winning percentage. Four of the eleven regular season champion hopeful teams played each other this week ensuring that … Read More »

Week 10 Pre-Game

Can you believe we’re at week 10?  There’s a make up day next week, and that will be the last day of the regular season.  You can play Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next, but by next Wednesday your team should have played 30 games.  Any games you have not played by Midnight next Wednesday will be forfeit.  Everybody makes the playoffs no matter what.


Weather Forecast

I’m sure you heard the news, there will be rain.  But this is a good news/bad news situation.  Its going to be raining right up until 6, you can count on that.  But then the chance of rain goes way down. Its at 50% right now and dropping.  So stop by bocce at … Read More »

End of Regular Season Info

Can you believe its already week 10 of our 10 week season?  Its always a bitter sweet time for me …

Anyway, the regular season isn’t over quite yet; as always we will have a make up week next week.  So you can play games this Tuesday, this Wednesday, next Tuesday and next Wednesday, but next Wednesday 8/1 is your LAST chance to play regular season games.   Any games not played by Midnight Wednesday 8/1 will be forefiet. – but every team makes the playoffs no matter what.

HERE is a link to your stats.  Check and see how many games your tam has played.  You need to get to 30 by next week to avoid having to forefeit … Read More »