Tuesday Night Blog


Weather Forecast

No rain!  There will be scattered thunderstorms between 2-3 pm but don’t let that scare you away, our field will suck that rain up and be bone dry by 5 pm.  There’s only a 15% chance of rain between 5 -6 pm and from 6 pm on there’s a 0% chance of rain.


Beer Forecast

Founder’s All Day IPA, Coors, and OV for $10 all you can drink.



Bocce Forecast

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After Bocce Forecast

We’ve got beer specials, food specials and Family Feud at Ukrainian Home!


Weekend Forecast

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Week 7 Recap

Is it just me or does having bocce mid-week really make the week fly by?

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Team Achievements

G & T’s – Really good 3-0 day against a really good Gone Fishing team. They also had this shot which somehow managed to be an ace despite two blockers in the way …

Black Jesus – Watch out, they’ve won 6 straight!

Dead Rabbits – 3-0 week against a good Salty Bocce Balls team. They’re getting hot.

Vandelay Industries – This rookie team seems to be getting better every week, and last week they got a good 2-1 win against a veteran Balls Deep team.

Draggin Ballz – According the transitive property, Draggin Ballz who went 2-1 … Read More »


Its a bye week.  In Turbo Bocce you’ve got 12 weeks to play 1o times.  There are 2 extra weeks.  This week is one of those extra weeks!

There will be no bocce tomorrow due to the 4th of July holiday, so both Tuesday and Wednesday leagues are invited to come play today!

Weather Forecast

Its going to be HOT and SUNNY.  But a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday’s high.  So that’s good … 0% chance of rain as well.

Beer Forecast

$10 buys you all you can drink Founders IPA, Coors, and OV.

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Tuesday Pre-Game

Weather Forecast

80 degrees.  Sunny.  0% chance of rain!  You’re going to love your tan.


Beer Forecast

$10 gets you as much Founders All Day IPA, Coors, and OV as you want while you play!


Par-Tay Forecast

There’s a 100% chance that love is in the air … and a 100% chance that we’re going to toast to that love!

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Perhaps you know, Turbo Bocce members Oscar and Kelly just got married (team Newlyweds, guess why?).  After their marriage they brought us all free beer, now its time to … Read More »