Bracket Reveal 8pm!

Who is playing who in the playoffs?   Find out tonight at 8pm!

Join us at IBU Brewery at 8pm for a drink and to see the brackets revealed live, or simply tune in to this website to check out what our playoff brackets will be.

Playoffs begin this Tuesday.  Games start at 6pm SHARP.  If you have to miss your game or come late, let me know ahead of time so we can make other plans.  If you are a no call/no show then you forfeit and your season is over.

Nobody from the league can be a sub in a playoff game, so if you need a sub let me know and I will provide one.

We rank teams based on BCS (winning percentage doubled, plus your opponents winning percentage).  The best BCS ranking plays the worst in the playoffs.  Best 2 out of 3 advances.

At 8 you’ll find out who won the regular season, who earned a valuable bye in the tournament, and who got stuck in the Bracket of Death!

Normally you’d find out who won all the individual awards tonight as well … but something bad happened.

Around 11 last night I was finishing up the individual stats, it was storming, the power went out.  Excel had an error.  Was it related to the power going out?  My laptop has a battery.  Either way the program froze, and shut down, and ALL the info was lost.  Many hours of inputting scores.

I don’t want to be overly dramatic about this, because right now someplace on earth somebody is laying on a bed of nails, but … it was the worst thing to ever happen to any human being in history.

Wish I could trade places with this lucky bastard!!

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of late nights and data input in front of me, but I’ll have all the individual award winners figured out by our championship game on August 24th.  Good luck to everybody!

See you at 8 for the bracket reveal!!