Important News! Read Now!


And things are going to move quickly!!!

After a year of figuring out ever changing laws, dealing with hesitant land owners, and just general confusion I can now say with 100% certainty that …

Preseason week is coming Tuesday May 25th … I told you things are moving quickly!!!
Regular season starts Tuesday June 1st
We are moving the league to Sharkey’s Bar – 7240 Oswego Rd, Liverpool, NY 13090.  If you look to the left of the bar you’ll see volleyball courts, if you go to the left of that you’ll see our field!
Set aside all day August 28th for our playoffs!!!
League play will be Tuesdays from 5pm to dark … come any time.  If you can’t make … Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Play Turbo Bocce

Turbo Bocce was invented in Syracuse and is specifically designed to be played here! Here are 10 more reasons to try Turbo Bocce …

#1) Playing Bocce is the absolute best way to be social and meet new people

Did you know that bocce is considered America’s most social sport? Think it over, and you’ll see why this makes sense. When you play bocce you’re standing right next to your opponents, interacting with them. In our league you’ll often find yourself sharing drinks and food with the people you are playing against. You can’t help but meet new people and make new friends. Now contrast that with other recreational sports, like kickball or softball where your team is … Read More »

What’s the plan for Turbo Bocce in 2020?

Happy opening day of bocce!

Wait, let me rephrase that … Happy (kind of) opening day of bocce (not really).

I’ve got to admit I have been putting off making any bocce announcements, because I just don’t know what is going to end up happening.  But now that we have reached our planned opening day the time has come (and actually long since past) to make some kind of announcement.

My kind of, sort of, official stance on bocce is that I really don’t know what is going to happen, so I’m going to rely on people that know more about this than I do like the mayor and our community health care professionals both of which I am lucky enough to be … Read More »

In Honor of Robert Francescotti

Dear Turbo Bocce Family,

I have some sad news to pass along.  One of our own, Robert (Scotti) Francescotti has passed away at the age of 87.  If you joined our league in the last 3 years you probably don’t know him, but those of you lucky enough to have played with us longer than that almost certainly knew him and liked him.

If you know Turbo Bocce’s origin story you know that there would be no Turbo Bocce without Scotti.  He spent all day long playing bocce (and drinking) with George Christou and Phil Martino during my law school graduation party, and they had so much fun that they wanted to start a league all about bocce and drinking … the … Read More »