Italian Fest 9/14

Can you believe it?  The third leg of the bocce triple crown is right around the corner and I’m excited like Christmas came early!

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This tournament is probably your second to last chance to play big time outdoor bocce this year so don’t miss it! Teams of 4 … if you want to play but need teammates You Are Not Alone! Let me know at so I can help you find others who are also looking for teammates.

Italian Fest Details

When: Saturday, September 14th at 9 am NOTE: at least one person from your team should arrive early with the dues ($80)

Where: Bocce courts are located in front of Syracuse City Hall – … Read More »

Championship Vegas Odds!

The 2019 Turbo Bocce Championship is upon us.  Here are the Vegas Odds.   The winners of the teams grouped together play each other in the next round.

Remember this is our championship and also our end of year celebration.  The tournament starts at 11.  There will be free beer throughout.  At the end we will eat free food and give out all our awards!  If you are playing come at 11 SHARP or your season is over.  If you are not playing come anytime, but expect the food and awards to start around 4pm ish.

On to the Vegas Odds …

#1 Never Had the Makings vs. #17 Theos … and Vegas Says … Glory Rollers have a 88% Chance of victory!  They … Read More »

Playoff Pregame.

The playoffs are here and the weather is perfect!


Winning feels good.  My advice is to win.

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Check the bracket out, see who you play, and find out what Vegas thinks your odds of victory are HERE.


All games start at 6pm SHARP.  Email if you are going to come late, or if you have to miss for any reason and we will try to reschedule.

If you don’t show and don’t alert me ahead of time you forfeit and your season is over.

Win 2 of 3 today and you move on to Saturday’s championship final!  Games start at 11am Saturday and go until there is a champion … probably about 4pm.

Even … Read More »

Bracket of 32 and Vegas Odds!

Some people couldn’t see the last bracket so lets give this link a try …

Bracket 2019

I’ll also list the Vegas Odds in order so if you can’t see the bracket for any reason you can see the order of the bracket below with the winners of the games listed next to each other playing in the next round.

As always we use real formulas that a real sports book uses to handicap baseball games, and we put our stats into the equations so you know how Vegas likes your chances.

#1 Never Had the Makings vs. #33 Ooh You Were So Close …  Vegas … Read More »