Turbo Bocce Champions!

Kiss My Ace

Congratulations Angelo Isgro and Jayson Gray


2019 Playoffs Revealed!

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All playoff games will be played at exactly 6pm on Tuesday 8/13.  If you can’t play at that time please email paul@turbobocce.com to figure out a new time to play or you forfeit and your season is over.

If you win your first round game you advance to play next Tuesday 8/14 at 6pm, and if you win that game you’ll play in the Turbo Bocce Championship which will be played at 11am on Saturday August 24th.  Free drinks will be provided during play, and free food will be … Read More »

Bracket Reveal 8pm!

Who is playing who in the playoffs?   Find out tonight at 8pm!

Join us at IBU Brewery at 8pm for a drink and to see the brackets revealed live, or simply tune in to this website to check out what our playoff brackets will be.

Playoffs begin this Tuesday.  Games start at 6pm SHARP.  If you have to miss your game or come late, let me know ahead of time so we can make other plans.  If you are a no call/no show then you forfeit and your season is over.

Nobody from the league can be a sub in a playoff game, so if you need a sub let me know and I will provide one.

We rank teams … Read More »

Make up game alert!

I know the rain kept a lot of people away, so I have some make up options ready to go …

There will be 3 days of bocce next week. Both Tuesday and Wednesday you can come to our Tipp Hill field to make up games, we will have plenty of teams to play both nights (same time as always). If Monday works better for you, then feel free to stop by the Beginning II where our sand league is starting up. They have a beautiful big grass field, so you can play normally and don’t have to play in sand if you don’t want to. Good luck and enjoy a big week of bocce!