There’s been some question as to where to go for the little Turbo Bocce get together tomorrow.  Just plug your address into these directions and you’ll get there.  This is also where the winter league will be playing once it starts. Just go into the back room and we’ll be down the stairs.

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A very Merry Christmas to all bocce fans under the sun!

I hope you’ve all been good boys and girls, always buying a round after a rousing bocce match! Remember to leave out the beer and cigarettes for old St. Nick, he works hard so you can get drunk and neglect your families!

New update

After a pain in the ass amount of work, the website has been converted over from running on duct tape and dreams to running on WordPress.  This means that finally, for perhaps the first time, someone other than myself or the people I’ve shown how can actually update the site!

What does this mean for you, the end user?  Hopefully it means more frequent and varied content from many more people than we had before.  It also means, sadly, that there are probably a few more kinks to hammer out.  You may discover broken links and pages that just flat out do not work, but those should all be taken care of in the very near future.

Congratulations to the Tipp Hill Tossers for their second championship in a row! The Tossers took down all comers throughout the year and now have the best win/loss record for two years running. They took down long-time rivals Black Jesus in the championship match 2-0 to be crowned champions of 2009.

In other news, now that the 2009 season is over we are ready to take preliminary applications for the 2010 summer league. If you are interested in joining next summer, please email Paul or myself if you are interested. Final details of the 2010 season will be hammered out when the time comes, but it’s never too early to start planning where YOU will be … Read More »