86 and sunny for the first day of bocce!

We are starting in style with mid-summer weather.  Come get some practice in or for those of you who are new, learn how we play, free of charge or commitment.  Its preseason week!


New Season!

Have you seen the weather??

Its time to get excited for a new season of Turbo Bocce.  Our preseason/practice week will be on Tuesday May 31st with the first official week being the week after that Tuesday June 7th.  

Championship day is Saturday August 27th so make sure to set that aside.

We are working on some improvements on the Sharkey’s field so expect a great competitive season of bocce!

As always email paul@turbobocce with any questions.

Top 10 Reasons to Play Turbo Bocce

Turbo Bocce was invented in Syracuse and is specifically designed to be played here! Here are 10 more reasons to try Turbo Bocce …

#1) Playing Bocce is the absolute best way to be social and meet new people

Did you know that bocce is considered America’s most social sport? Think it over, and you’ll see why this makes sense. When you play bocce you’re standing right next to your opponents, interacting with them. In our league you’ll often find yourself sharing drinks and food with the people you are playing against. You can’t help but meet new people and make new friends. Now contrast that with other recreational sports, like kickball or softball where your team is … Read More »

Italian Fest!!

Hey, time is flying and the Syracuse Italian Fest bocce tournament is Saturday the 18th!  We always have a strong showing and usually win so lets keep it going!

Put together a team of 4.  Come down to the bocce tournament in front of City Hall at 9am on the 18th, and be ready to win!

Entry fee: $80 per team
Signup time: Saturday, 8 a.m.
First prize: $240
Second prize: $200
Third prize: $140

HERE is the Italian Fest website if you want more info

More details:

This is a 4 on 4 tournament played inside a court, on grass, all players much roll each shot.
Double … Read More »