1 on 1 Tournament Live Draw (Part 3)

The final bracket and how everything came together.  Remember its double elimination.


1 on 1 Tournament Live Draw! (Part 2)

This time we are selecting the first round match ups.  You will play whoever gets selected after you.

1 on 1 tournament live draw!

Hello Turbo Bocce!  We are doing a live draw for the first leg of the bocce triple crown which is happening tomorrow at Noon at Sharkeys.

Its a 25 person double bye tournament, which means seven lucky people get a bye into the second round, this first selection  is to determine who gets those precious precious byes.

One on One Tournament

The 1 vs. 1 tournament will be played Saturday July 23rd, at Sharkey’s at Noon.  It will be double elimination.

Sign up for free HERE.

*The 1 vs. 1 tournament is the first leg of the bocce triple crown.  The second leg is the Turbo Bocce playoffs, which will take place August 27, and the third leg is the Syracuse Italian Fest Tournament which will take place September 19.

Check out last year’s highlights HERE.