Wednesday Week 3 Recap

However rainy it is during the day, it always seems to stop raining when bocce starts. Just a little tidbit to keep in the back of your mind.


Though the sun was out the entire time we played, it had rained all day and the conditions were a little wet. No puddles on the field, no mud, but there was some excess water on the bocce balls and that can affect your throw. That’s why I have a tip for everybody whenever you wake up on a Wednesday and the weather report calls for rain – bring a towel.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy … Read More »

Wednesday Week 2 Recap

Bocce was great this week. After my game I had a bunch of drinks at Sharkey’s then went home and slept like a log . . . which I assume is why I woke up in the fireplace.


Speaking of drinking, I want to institute an old Tuesday tradition with the hope that it might add yet another element of fun to our league. Its called the George Christou Award (adapted from the older, cruder, Most Drunk award). It goes like this. I am going to give the bartender who delivers drinks to our field a medal. They are going to award this … Read More »

Wednesday Week 1 Recap

First I want to thank Yelp, Believe In Syracuse, and 40 Below for helping promote and put on such a special day of bocce. It really is amazing that our little league has grown to the point where its getting supported by such big and wonderful organizations.


The weather report called for scattered thunderstorms but we didn’t get any. The sky was as blue and the sun as bright as it ever has been. You’d be amazed at how often the weather breaks right for us. I think there’s just a little bit of magic in our bocce league, and it … Read More »