Championship news!!

Here are some long overdue announcements!

First of all, Congrats to Greg Griffo for winning the one-on-one
championship in July. He beat out Scott Mead in an exciting final
round of the double elimination tournament in an amazing display of
bocce skills by both players.

MarkAvery Claridge won the title in the first annual Sand Bocce
Tournament. Again, Scott Mead was the guy to beat in the final
round. I think it’s fair to say, Scott might be one guy to watch out for
in the championship this year.

Championship weekend is almost here. First round begins at 10am on
Saturday August 28 th with the championship-round to begin around
4pm. The last day to get regular season games in is Tuesday, Aug 24 th . Some teams really
should try to get more of those games in and here’s why:

1. Only the top twelve teams will play for the Turbo Bocce Championship. That includes
the trophy, bragging rights, and the big money. This year that amounts to $450. Second
place will take home $230.
2. The top four teams will have a first-round bye.
3. The bottom half of the league will still qualify to play for some cash prizes as long as
teams have played at least 15 games. $220 and $100 for the winners and runner up
respectively – not too shabby.
4. Only a few games separate some teams from the top or bottom tier. So, a good week
could make the difference whether you place in the top or the bottom half of the
5. If your team qualifies but your partner might not be able to come, let us know and we
can try to help you find a sub.

There will be an after party at Sharkey’s. All paid players will get a ticket to a Sharkey’s buffet.
If you would like to bring a guest, you must RSVP and they will be charged $10.

Questions have been asked about why we changed the way we do playoffs. I’ll do my best to
1. In the past we have had multiple leagues, each with their own tournaments and the
regular season was shorter due to a week of playoffs. Splitting it up based on record
allows us not only to grow but lengthened the regular season this year.
2. Some years in the past, no matter your record, you would qualify for the tournament.
So, a skilled 2-1 team who decided to blow off the regular season could potentially face
a top ranked team. A tiered tournament with a 15 game minimum does away with that
problem and it makes regular season games more meaningful

3. Multiple tiers allow novice teams a legitimate chance to win money. In a time when
registration is at its lowest, encouraging new teams is more important than ever.
4. We did not vote on these changes as a league but we also didn’t see each other for over
a year to discuss and vote. We weren’t even sure we would have a season until last
5. All that being said, if you are unhappy with these changes, no worries, nothing is
permanent. We tried out something new that can help us grow. If the rest of the league
wants to make changes next year or go back to the old ways, especially once life gets
back to normal, maybe we can. The idea is to make the league fun for everyone: both
old school players and rookies.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has enjoyed the season and may the best team bring
home the championship.