Championship Vegas Odds!

Who reached the Turbo Bocce championship? Here are the updated brackets, complete with Vegas Odds! As always the Vegas Odds come from a formula that an actual Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games which we have all the statistical inputs necessary to compute.

1 seed Uncle Jun’s in the Muff vs 5 seed Blue Ballz … And Vegas Says … Uncle Jun’s in the Muff have a 90% chance of victory. Spoiler Alert … Vegas is ridiculously high on Uncle Jun’s in the Muff. To a level I haven’t seen before.

*3 seed Glory Rollers vs 6 seed Draggin Ballz … And Vegas Says … Draggin Ballz have a 62% chance at winning

*The winner of this make up game will 7 seed play Corey & Amy who upset the 2 seed in the previous round.

Overall tournament favorite: According to Vegas Uncle Jun’s in the Muff have a 67% chance of winning the whole thing. That’s a ridiculous number, but apparently sometimes Vegas goes all in on the favorites.

Lets see what happens!