Championship Vegas Odds!

Who reached the Turbo Bocce championship? Here are the updated brackets, complete with Vegas Odds! As always the Vegas Odds come from a formula that an actual Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games which we have all the statistical inputs necessary to compute.

Los Moppines Bracket

1 seed Los Moppines vs 17 seed Double A’s … And Vegas Says … Los Moppines have a 71% chance of victory.

*9 seed Blue Balls vs 24 seed Buff Ave Babes … And Vegas Says … Coin Flip!! According to Vegas each team has an even 50% chance of winning this game. Vegas’s love for Buff Ave Babes continues!

*This is a make up game, the winner of this game will advance to play 8 seed Balls Deep.

Overall bracket favorite: Los Moppines with a 54% chance of making the final 4.

Droppin Balls Bracket

4 seed Droppin Balls vs 13 seed G & T’s … And Vegas Says … G & T’s have a 44% chance of pulling the upset. I’m expecting some pretty tight odds the rest of the way, as we have some really great competitive games.

5 seed Amerika’z Most Wanted vs 12 seed Twinning … And Vegas Says … Twinning has a 43% chance of pulling the upset.

Overall bracket favorite: Amerika’z Most Wanted with a 37% chance of making the final 4 … Droppin Balls is just behind with a 35% chance of reaching the final 4. All 4 teams in this bracket are seen as real final 4 contenders. Interesting!

Breakfast of Champions Bracket

2 seed Breakfast of Champoins vs 15 seed Dead Rabbits … And Vegas Says … Dead rabbits have a big 48% chance of pulling the upset. That’s about as high as you can get without being favored. Vegas continues to like Dead Rabbits to exceed expectations in this competition.

7 seed Teen Mom III vs 23 seed Bocce Against the Machine … And Vegas Says … Teen Mom III has a 72% chance of victory. Bocce Against the Machine’s big upset of the 10 seed didn’t influence Vegas as much as I would have thought.

Overall bracket favorite: Breakfast of Champions with a 39% chance of reaching the final 4.

Dog Brothers Bracket

3 seed Dog Brothers vs 14 seed Kiss My Ace … And Vegas Says … Dog Brothers have a 63% chance of victory.

11 seed Black Jesus vs 27 seed Mean Girls … And Vegas Says … Black Jesus have a 73% chance of victory. Perhaps Vegas is selling Mean Girls short? They were a bigger underdog in the last round against Big LeBocce and still got the win!

Overall bracket favorite: Dog Brothers with a 44% chance of reaching the final 4.

These games will all start at 11am Saturday, and we will keep playing until only one team is left standing! Good luck everybody. This time its for the whole ball of wax!