Crawlmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping & Bar Crawl

Thursday December 5th 5:30 to ???

I feel like we need a creative name for this …

Crawlmas Shopping

Black (Out) Friday Thursday

Yule have more fun shopping drunk

These are getting worse aren’t they?  The point is we go out, we drink … then if there is time and if we remember we buy our Christmas presents.


Restaurants your family wants gift cards to that also have good bars!

  • A Mano
  • Oh My Darling
  • Citronelle
  • Margaritas

Cool shops we can sneak a flask into

  • Wildflowers
  • Accessories
  • Scholars & Champs
  • Sound Garden

Places to Pre-Game

  • MOST
  • M Lemp Jewlers
  • The Art Mart
  • Landmark Box Office

Itinerary – so you know where to find us along the way


Follow me in merry measure …

Meet up at 5:30 at A Mano on Warren St.  There is plenty of free on-street parking at this time of day, and there is also a reasonably priced parking garage right across the street for people who don’t want to park on the street.  A Mano has an awesome bar where we will get a drink, and they are also fun restaurant with a great vibe so you may want to buy someone who likes Italian food a gift card there.  I did once and they gave me a $120 gift card for only $100! Okay this is my last attempt at being a restaurant critic.

For the SU fan in your life, our next stop will be Scholars & Champs on Salina street.  They specialize in vintage SU gear, and I spoke with the owner Bert (not the guy from Sesame Street, I asked) who gave me his cell number and said he’s going to keep the doors open late just for us, so we will have the place to ourselves!

This itinerary is just a suggestion btw.  We can add or remove any stop we want, or you can split from the group and meet back up later down the line.


I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams (did you know that song was written in Syracuse?) 

After all that shopping at one whole place, I’m sure we will need to rest and have a drink.   Luckily Oh My Darling is right across the street.  Its one of Syracuse’s hottest new restaurants so feel free to buy someone a gift card because they will fucking love it, especially if they are already planning to go to a show at the Landmark, then find your way downstairs to the secret speakeasy for a drink and some live music!  Okay this is my last attempt at being a restaurant critic.

BTW this happens whether its raining or snowing, whether its old or warm


Sing we joyous all together … headless of the wind and weather

 Next is Wildflowers the coolest shop in Syracuse and the coolest artist co-op you’ll ever see.  They’ve got everything from candles, to jewelry, to clothes, to Christmas ornaments, to art you hang on the way.  The prices are incredibly reasonable for local hand made stuff.  Trust me  you can find something for anybody here.

Then we head to Armory Square.  If you are looking for jewelry or watches or some of the finer accessories you should stop by Accents.  They close at 6, but will stay open late for anybody who can get in the door by 6.  If you want to come here you may have to break from the group.


Two whole stores in a row!!! We’ll need to recover with a drink at Citronelle.  They have an awesome space and an awesome big bar for us to drink at.  They also have maybe the best octopus I’ve ever had.  I got a gift card here as a Christmas gift last year and it went over very well.  Okay, this is my last attempt at being a restaurant critic.

Sound Garden.  You know it.  Its awesome.  I have an uncle who asks for records for Christmas, maybe you do too?  We’re going!

Last stop Margaritas!  How can we not stop at Armory’s Square’s newest (and biggest) restaurant.  Its even got an alcohol themed name!  I’ve never eaten there but I have looked in the windows and the chairs are amazing!  Okay, this is my last attempt at being a restaurant critic.  No, really, it is.

After that I am hoping we all go to Syracuse’s brand new Christmas tree and get a picture to remember the night by!   I’ll bring cigars and/or candy canes for everybody because you’re either a cigar person or you’re a candy cane person (I’m a candy cane person, but I’ll probably smoke a cigar to try to look cool).

Lets make this a tradition


Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow.


If you don’t think this sounds like a great time you’re a grinch … and you don’t want to be a grinch because people insult grinches … a lot!

A flask will be provided by yours truly!!


The pregame spots all close at 5, but if you want to get theater tickets, jewelry, or kids toys they are really great options.


Troll the ancient yuletide carol, bitches

I added the bitches part … Merry Christmas!