Do you know about the Commonwealth Games? You should!

Lets take a quick quiz. What are the three biggest sporting events in the world this year (in terms of people watching)?

Here is a hint. None of the three are the Super Bowl.

Most can probably guess that the World Cup ranks first and the Winter Olympics comes in second, and sure, you are bound to guess the Commonwealth Games third because I mentioned them in the title of this article, but would you have otherwise?

The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event that resembles the Olympics. The athletes hail from countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Nations which is an intergovernmental alliance between countries that used to be part of the British Empire. 53 countries comprise the Commonwealth of Nations, but 71 countries participate in the games.

Needless to say this sporting event is a VERY big deal, even though you’d never know it in America because we don’t compete – but some of the best athletes in the world do. You might recognize a few guys named Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.

So why should you care? Because one of the events in the 2014 Commonwealth Games is Lawn Bowling, and Lawn Bowling is the sport that most resembles Turbo Bocce. While traditional bocce is played on a court over crushed shells, lawn bowling is played on grass and the players shoot from a mat. Sound familiar?

Clips from the 2014 Commonwealth Games are available on YouTube and give us a chance to see what the best lawn bowlers in the world can do on perfectly manicured grass.

Here are some highlights.

I’d say that gives us all something to shoot for.

I will update the Commonwealth Games again when all the medals are awarded.